Heir to a legacy of innovation, quality and service, to which we have remained committed for four generations. We are proud to share with you our story.

Originally a producer of custom specialty chemicals for the flavor and fragrance industries, Elan Chemical Company has developed many captive custom organics which are unique and have worldwide acceptance.

In 1922, in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Joseph Felton, a well known essential oil chemist, and his wife Sophie Felton, an analytical chemist, founded the Felton Chemical Company. Felton was one of the first flavor and fragrance producers in the United States. The company was a supplier to the food and cosmetic industries of both raw materials and compounded products. Jack Weisman joined the company in 1935, and he and the company advanced rapidly. Ira Kapp, an organic chemist, the son-in-law of Dr. and Mrs. Felton, joined Felton in 1949. Ira brought in David Weisman, a lawyer and son of Jack Weisman.

The Kapp/Weisman team grew Felton into a very successful Flavor and Fragrance Company of multinational renown.

In 1977, the team acquired Elan Chemical, in Newark, New Jersey. At that time, it was necessary to have chemical manufacturing facilities to satisfy the need for captive chemicals and specialties. The combination of Felton and Elan Chemical worked extremely well. In 1985, Felton Chemical was sold. Kapp and Weisman retained Elan Chemical and the company’s growth continued as a manufacturer of fine organic chemicals.

In 1994, we, Jocelyn Kapp Manship and Julie Weisman, joined the company, taking active roles in running and managing the facilities. Now, 25  years later, we are keeping Joseph Felton’s 1920s dream alive and thriving.

Today, Elan Chemical Company produces high quality natural and synthetic chemicals for the flavor and fragrance industries, and products for the personal care, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, as well as highly sophisticated catalyst accelerators and co-catalysts.

We pledge to  continue into our next 100 years,  with one foot firmly planted in our legacy and the other already taking root into our promising future. We are eager to make you part of our story.

Elan Chemical Company. Our commitment to quality…From generation to generation…

Jocelyn Kapp Manship

Jocelyn Kapp Manship

Julie Weisman - Executive VP

Julie Weisman
Executive Vice President